Butterick B4955 DECORATED PARASOLS Schnittmuster OFP

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Englisches Schnittmuster von Butterick mit deutscher Kurzanleitung DECORATED PARISOLS AND... mehr
"Butterick B4955 DECORATED PARASOLS Schnittmuster OFP"

Englisches Schnittmuster von Butterick mit deutscher Kurzanleitung

DECORATED PARISOLS AND COVERS:Package includes instructions for decorating three parisols. Also includes patterns and instructions for covers. Parisol A, B: purchased approximately 15" radius umbrella. Parisol C: purchased approximately 19" radius collapsible umbrella. Cover D: fits parisol A, B. Cover E: fits collapsible parisol C.
NOTIONS: Parisol A:51/2yds. of 11/2" Sheer pre-gathered Ribbon, 61/2yds. of 11/2" Satin Ribbon, 3 yds. of 21/4" Single-edged Scalloped Lace, 27/8yds. of 1" Flexible Braid with Looped Edge, Two 13/4" Silk Roses, Eighteen 11/4" Silk Flowers, Glue Gun and 15" radius Umbrella.Parisol B:47/8yds. of3/4" Ribbon, 41/2yds. of 13/8" Ribbon, 55/8yds. of 1" Ribbon Rosette Trim, 81/2yds. of 13/4" Single-edged Scalloped Lace, Glue Gun and 15" radius Umbrella.Parisol C:63/8yds. of 13/8" Sheer Ribbon, 31/4yds. of 1" Flexible Braid, 33/8yds. of 23/4" Single-edged Scalloped Lace, 23/4yds. of 21/4" Lace Ruffling, 33/8yds. of 4" Fringe, Sixteen 8mm Beads, Glue Gun and 19" radius collapsible Umbrella.Cover D:11/4yds. of 13/4" ? 21/4" Single-edged Scalloped Lace, 11/2yds. of3/4" ? 11/2" Ribbon and Optional1/2" Double Fold Bias Tape.Cover E:25/8yds. of 21/4" Single-edged Scalloped Lace and 21/2yds. of 13/8" Sheer Ribbon.
FABRICS: Cover D, E:Lightweight Satin and Cotton. Additional Fabric may be needed to match stripes, plaids or one-way design fabric. *with nap. **without nap.

Fabric widths given in inches.
Cover D
45", 60"*/**,3/4Yd.
Cover E
45"*/**, 11/2Yds.

Fabric widths given in centimeters.
Cover D
115, 150cm*/**, 0.7m
Cover E
115cm*/**, 1.4m
150cm*/**, 0.8m
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